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Language Resources was founded in 1984 as an English as a Second Language (ESL) institute by Kathleen Quinby. Foreign language training, interpreting and translation services evolved from this core business as the needs of the local community grew. Although we no longer do any language training classes, we have added American Sign Language Interpreting to our line up of services. We are pleased to be able to provide translations in more than 75 languages and interpreting in 40+ languages. In 2021, Kathleen retired and has passed the management of the company to Kevin Hiatt, who also operates Communication Access Partners. We all look forward to the continued success of both companies!         

   2018 Gathering of Interpreters, Translators & Staff - Proximity Hotel









      Setting sail for our 30th year

              in business!




2017 Dinner



Kirsten's Farewell Bash 2016









Kevin Hiatt - new Owner Operator of Language Resources as of October, 2021!   He takes over management of he company, combining Language Resources services with those of Communication Access Partners.   


Lana Ganim - Interpreting Division Manager - ( joined Language Resources in the summer of 2012 as our bookkeeper. She is now managing the Interpreting Division to recruit and train new interpreters as well as keep up with the credentials for all current interpreters.  Lana coordinates all interpreting appointments - including ASL - and works as a liasion between the clients and the contractors. She has become instrumental in keeping both happy!  Lana speaks some Arabic, and has enjoyed learning about all the languages and cultures we interact with.  We are fortunate to have such a dedicated staff member.


Kim Byrd- Bookkeeper - ( joined Language Resources in January of 2017 as our main bookkeeper. Kim has kept a lot of different offices organized and running for many years before coming to us.  Language Resources was lucky to be able to hire her as she dove right in to the billing system with a steady hand. She has also cross-trained so she can handle setting up appointments for the Interpreting Division. We are so pleased to have her on the team keeping the files straight and the financial part of the business running very smoothly. 

Erin Kennedy- Operations Associate -

( joined us in September of 2019 and has already proven to be a great team member!  She comes with years of experience in organizing, logistics, managing schedules, and marketing -  exactly the skills needed in our fast moving environment.  Erin's goal with us is to raise our visibility in the community

and keep expanding not only the client base, but the resources we have to offer.  In order to thoroughly understand the overall business, she spent her first 6 months learning the ropes of the Interpreting Division, and is currently handling the management of all Translation Projects. 



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