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It would be hard to find a company these days which has not been impacted by the change in global business in the past few years. In order to remain competitive, companies of all sizes have found they need the ability to interact with clients, consumers, organizations, and vendors who literally span the globe. Is your firm facing challenges with conveying your message effectively and accurately in today's multilingual marketplace? Whether you are part of a large corporation or working out of a home office, the global marketplace has truly come to your doorstep. 

Business Translation DocumentsAnd, you already HAVE someone on your staff who says they know the language, so why can't you just ask them to do the translation "in house"? What could possibly go wrong? OR, there are online instant translation services. Couldn't it be done that way?

Others have tried such solutions.  The co-worker who wants to help, but can't compound their regular work with the many hours it takes to complete a manual.  The computer translations which have gone so very wrong, they are comedy material. Be sure to read our examples of classic marketing blunders in translation. And, don't let it happen to you!

Your project can be as small as a hang tag or a business card, or as large as an operations manual. We have experienced, professional translators in over 75 languages.

With one phone call to Language Resources, your materials will be handled professionally. Our job is to make yours easy. There is no need to shop around - our extensive network of translators allows the flexibility and fast turnaround that businesses require.

Each translation project receives our immediate attention. The material can be sent to us by e-mail, fax, or mail, or brought to our office at 406 West Fisher Avenue in downtown Greensboro. Once it is received, we will contact you to discuss the format you need and give you an estimate of completion time and cost. 

Please take a moment to review our Client List to see which companies have used Language Resources since 1984.

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